Personal Financial Planning in 2021

The year 2020 has been the most unexpected year for the majority of us. The Covid-19 Pandemic and all the lockdowns that ensued to control the spread of the deadly virus has affected every country’s economy, that too, not in a good way. The pandemic forced several businesses to shut down, resulting in many people … Read more

North vs. South: Cost of Living Comparison in the Americas

Living in the North American countries or in the South American countries poses the questions of expenses. America is known to be pricey globally. However, the truth lies deeper within. Expensive or cheap depends on the particular region you’re talking about. The North American Continent and the South American Continent stand on two different and … Read more

Cost of living in China

China is the amalgamation of modern culture and ancient history. The Chinese cities will dazzle you with their happening lifestyle and ultra-modern environment. However, the first thing you need to consider before leading a life in China is the living costs. You can lead a comfortable lifestyle in China with just $1,000 per month. However, … Read more

Cost Analysis: Living In Europe vs. Living In America

Every year, Europe and America continue to attract a massive number of people. This is owing to seamless arenas of opportunities and the lifestyle that is persistent in both these continents. Whatever your reason might be, it is always best to primarily do a thorough analysis of the costs of living. This includes factors such … Read more

Asia VS South America: Cost of Living Analysis

Moving to a new country requires a lot of planning. There is the burdensome task of figuring out costs and essentials. Especially when you need to decide between two places, both with their benefits and disadvantages. Therefore, these tips and statistics are likely to make this task easier for you! Both South America and Asia … Read more