Asia VS South America: Cost of Living Analysis

Moving to a new country requires a lot of planning. There is the burdensome task of figuring out costs and essentials. Especially when you need to decide between two places, both with their benefits and disadvantages. Therefore, these tips and statistics are likely to make this task easier for you!

Both South America and Asia are extremely popular choices when it comes to moving to a new place. Each of these regions has certain things that the other cannot offer. Therefore, before making a choice, one must compare the costs of living.

Asia, being the most populous continent, is placed in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres. It is rich with culture and traditions. Not only that, Asia is home to the most diverse climatic conditions, right from temperatures in minus to extremely dry conditions. It is also a growing hub of development and connections.

South America, on the other hand, comprises twelve states. Some of these are Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, etc. Most South Americans reside near the Western or Eastern coasts. Geographically too, South America consists of mountains, highlands, rivers, etc. Geography and climate are two extremely lucrative factors when thinking or residing here.


When comparing accommodation, it is important to analyze the area you are looking at. Some regions within Asia offer much cheaper rent than the others. The same could be stated for South America too. This is owing to different governmental factors, exchange rates, policies, etc.

When looking at rent, costs in India are 27% lower than those in Brazil. At the same time, China, which is another country in Asia, has rents 103% higher than Brazil. This clearly indicates the distinction that exists between countries within the same region.

Countries with the cheapest rent in Asia are Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar, etc. Similarly, countries that offer the best prices in South America include Bolivia and Peru, to name a few.


When talking about food, each country has staple food that is unique to them. Depending upon their history, heritage, and climate, some food items are consumed more than others.

For instance, a loaf of bread is 60% cheaper in India than in Brazil. Rice, too, is 14% less costly when compared to Brazil. Therefore, you can consume a lot more essential daily groceries in India than you perhaps would in Brazil.

However, at the same time, grocery prices are 23% higher in China than in Ecuador. Milk, for example, costs 97% higher in China. This is obviously a rather noticeable and vast difference. Therefore, you need to calculate many such differences collectively when looking at prices.


If you are residing in a country, you must be well-acquainted with the local ways of travel. You certainly cannot depend on an expensive taxi ride every time you wish to commute from one destination to another.

When it comes to transport, both these regions are in the lead. South Korea, Japan, China, etc., have some of the best public transport networks in the world. However, so does Chile. The distinction lies in their costs.

A monthly travel pass would cost you 66% more in Chile than it would in China. However, the prices for taxis are a staggering 213% more in China. All of these differences owe to what the locals prefer there. If you were to buy your own vehicle, China tops the list with unbelievably low prices.

After analyzing all these commodities, a clearer picture is bound to emerge as to which countries are the most sought after.


Living a luxurious life attracts many people, regardless of the country or region. Asia most definitely wins this round! This is because it has loads of amenities and luxury items to attract people from around the world. These reasons are also why some Asian countries are prominent tourist destinations.

If you move to Korea, you can experience things like Mukbangs, Trick Eye Museums, and several mind-blowing amusement parks. Even the Japanese McDonalds has a menu like nowhere else in the world!

Final Words

All these figures and numbers are likely to get jumbled up in your head. However, fret not! List down all of the things that are of the most important to you, and go ahead from there. Both of these regions are undoubtedly equally good competitors.

For some, it could be a lifestyle. For others, it could be lower costs. Therefore, make sure your goals are clear, and you’ll have the answer.

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