Personal Financial Planning After COVID-19

covid-19 zoomed in

Authored by Adam Fayed There’s no denying that COVID-19 has been the catalyst of recession in the year 2020. The pandemic has left out its ripples in every phase of our life, and financial planning is no exception. People quickly saw all their savings evaporating and payrolls taking a plunge. As we are healing from … Read more

Saving or Investment: Which Is Best for Me?

While they may appear to be synonymous, saving and investments are distinct concepts. Do not think we are discussing the same subject when we talk about savings and investment. They are related, and some elements align them, while others are diametrically opposing. We need to learn about savings and investments, how much we ought to … Read more

Financial Planning for Vacations

It is critical to keep our expenditures under control at all times, but especially during the summer. Holidays, lunches or drinks, and celebrations significantly boost our expenses, so we must practice sound financial management. While financial planning should be a year-round activity, it would be important to put a greater focus on it during the … Read more